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Conditions we treat

•Back pain
•Headaches and neck pain
•Sports and Dance injuries
•Wrist and elbow pain
•Shoulder problems
•Knee and ankle problems
•Pregnancy related back pain
•Sprain and strains including RSI
•Pelvic pain
•Rib dysfunction and pain

Musculoskeletal pain associated with

•Gastroenterological dysfunction
•Gynecological dysfunction
•Asthma and breathing difficulties

What does treatment involve?

The initial consultation can be an involved process it includes:

A full medical history - this includes questioning about the history of your problem but also extensive discussion about your overall health and well-being. This knowledge can help to form an accurate diagnosis and assist in establishing related issues or predisposing factors for your condition.

Examination - this involves a full orthopaedic examination of the area of complaint but also all related structures. For example if you have a knee problem we will also routinely assess the ankle, hip, pelvis and lumbar spine for co-existing or predisposing dysfunction.

Treatment - at Osteo Net all treatment is “hands-on”. We believe in the benefit of techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching and joint mobilization and manipulation. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Advice - management of a problem also involves a bit of homework. We will give you exercise, ergonomic, postural, dietary advice so that you can get the most from your treatment and find the quickest and most complete resolution to your problem.

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